I want to make a difference in this life. How can I help you make a difference in your life?
~ Lyssa Harvey, Ed.S.
Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
Art and Play Therapist Supervisor

Teacher , Therapist , Artist

Helping people is the path I have chosen. Helping children and families find success, create and heal is the core of my counseling practice. I invite you to inquire how counseling can help you and your family become happier today!

As a Teacher

Mrs. Harvey provides parent coaching and effective interventions to encourage change in your child or in your parenting style.

As a Therapist

Mrs. Harvey helps facilitate change in your life, your child and your family by utilizing your inner strengths and finding positive solutions.

As an Artist

Mrs. Harvey finds her own spiritual connection to Beauty and Joy.

“Through counseling, her clients find creative resolutions to inner conflict and learn to make positive choices.”